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General MBA

The General MBA Degree from Benedictine University Webflex MBA is a program of study that is designed to be broad in scope to allow students the maximum opportunity to take business courses that they feel will assist in developing their skills. The course can be completed at the student's own pace, with a maximum time of six years for completion. Students can elect to complete the program in a shorter period of time if scheduling allows.

The goals of the General MBA Degree from Benedictine University Webflex MBA are to prepare students to have the ability to be effective managers and to be able to work within a wide range of industries and businesses. Courses in the program will include technology, accounting and finance, personal leadership and communication skill building, economics, general management and organizational structure as well as human resource development and management.

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Degree Category: Business > Business Administration > Masters
Degree Subject: Business Administration Degree
Degree Level: Master's