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Business Management Associate's Degree

The online Business Management associate's degree from Bay State College allows students to take advantage of the convenience an online degree, while learning foundational business theories and practices.

Through the online Business Management associate's degree at Bay State College, students:

  • Use critical thinking and analytical skills to synthesize information from multiple sources and be able to make informed business decisions
  • Discuss and apply a set of ethical and legal standards when making decisions, handling employees and disseminating information to the business organization and/or to the public
  • Utilize technology to create reports and demonstrate presentation skills to communicate relevant information to stakeholders
  • Define managerial problems, determine the alternatives, make decisions and implement solutions as a member of a team

Gain the knowledge required to be successful in management with a flexible online associate's degree in Business Management from Bay State College Online. 

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Degree Category: Business > Management > Associates
Degree Subject: Management Degree
Degree Level: Associate's