Ashworth College

Nutrition, Diet and Health Diploma

A Nutrition, Diet and Health Diploma from Ashworth College is designed for persons who hope to get an entry-level position in health management, or for those who are already working in the health field and would like to learn more information about nutrition studies. Ashworth College’s course load for the Diet and Health diploma is divided into 15 comprehensive “lessons.” These include food choices; nutrition guidelines; the human body; carbohydrates; lipids; proteins and amino acids; vitamins; water and minerals; complementary nutrition; sports nutrition; life cycle (infant nutrition); life cycle (childhood through adulthood); food safety and technology; world view of nutrition. Some of the careers that a diploma from Ashworth may qualify graduates for include health store worker, weight loss clinic employee, fitness club associate, menu planner, and more. All of the lessons from Ashworth are accessible via online portals, meaning books, lesson plans, and instructors are all available to students via the internet. 

Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Food & Nutrition Science > Certificate / Diploma
Degree Subject: Food & Nutrition Science Degree
Degree Level: Certificate / Diploma