Ashworth College

Basic Accounting Diploma

Ashworth College’s basic diploma in Accounting can be pursued by both high school and/or college graduates. The certification program hopes to impart on its students the basic knowledge and skills necessary to transfer to a position in the accounting or financial field. The curriculum of the diploma program is comprised of 16 comprehensive lesson plans. These may include the language of business; analyzing business transactions; T accounts; the general ledger; adjustments and the worksheet; closing entries and trial balances; sales and accounts receivable; accounts payable; cash payments and banking procedures; accounting principles and reporting standards; payroll; closing procedures; merchandise inventory; property; accounting for corporations; corporate bonds; managerial accounting, and more. Some of the jobs or skill sets this diploma can prepare students for are investment monitor, revenue planner, and accounts receivable, among others. The program is available completely online, making it accessible for non-traditional students who may already have professional or family obligations. 

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Degree Subject: Accounting Degree
Degree Level: Certificate / Diploma