Ashworth College

Associate in Health Care Management

The associate’s degree in Health Care Administration offered by Ashworth College hpes to provide its students with general education courses in health care management. The program is occupation-oriented, meaning the curriculum speaks directly to skills students will need to ascertain to succeed in the workforce. Some of these skills include advanced organization principles for a medical environment, computer coding for health offices, and anatomical knowledge for very entry-level health care positions. Courses offered in the program include English composition, medical terminology, medical office management, health records management, anatomy, physiology, medical coding, and social impact of technology, among others. A full-time student need only be enrolled for four semesters. Ashworth’s program is available 100 percent online, making it a more likely and flexible choice for non-traditional students who may be working or taking care of a family as they earn their degree. Some students may qualify for financial aid from the federal government. 

Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Health Care Administration > Associates
Degree Subject: Health Care Administration Degree
Degree Level: Associate's