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Bachelor's Degree in Health and Wellness

Because of an aging population of baby boomers, careers in health care are in increasing demand and are likely to increase dramatically over the next decade. A bachelor’s degree in Health and Wellness from Ashford University offers a comprehensive program focused on students learning about personal fitness and health evaluation. The degree explores issues of health risks, disease, and injury prevention. Students enrolled in this course of study will learn the implications of positive and negative health practices, while learning ways to promote health and wellness through lifestyle and behavioral change. Graduates of the online Bachelor of Arts in Health and Wellness degree prepares you for a wide array of non-clinical roles within healthcare settings. Graduates can work in wellness centers, parks and recreation services, hospitals, and advocacy groups, to name a few. Ashford University’s program is located 100 percent online, making it a viable choice for students who may work part or full-time, or who care for family members at home. 

Ashford University does not currently accept student in Arkansas, Kentucky, or Minnesota.

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Degree Subject: Food & Nutrition Science Degree
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