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Organizational Management Bachelor's Degree with a Public Relations and Marketing Specialization

Understanding key elements of business is a great way to qualify you for an exciting professional future. An online Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing degree can help you learn the skills necessary to become a force in the job market, and obtain a rewarding future in business you can be proud of. At Ashford University they specialize in online degrees that allow each student to learn at a pace they are comfortable with. Obtain your Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing in as much or as little time as you like, all while experiencing the top-notch education only Ashford University can offer. You may qualify for financial aid, so start earning your Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing sooner than you think.


Ashford University does not currently accept student in Arkansas, Kentucky, or Minnesota.

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  • BA/Health Marketing and Communications

    The bachelor's degree in Health Marketing and Communications from Ashford University focuses on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of communication channels used in the health care industry. 

  • BA/Public Relations and Marketing - International Management

    The Public Relations and Marketing bachelor's degree with an International Management specialization from Ashford University focuses on communication, consumer behavior, advertising and promotion, research, and strategy within the public relations and marketing fields.

Degree Category: Business > Marketing > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Marketing Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's