Ashford University

Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology

Ashford University’s bachelor’s degree in Gerontology hopes to prepare its students for careers in helping care for, understand, and manage aging populations. The focus of the program revolves around physical, social, spiritual, and psychological processes of aging. Because of a growing population of retiring, aging baby boomers, careers in the field of gerontology are expected to rise dramatically in the coming decades. Courses in this bachelor’s degree program will help students to facilitate the understanding of legal, ethical, and financial possibilities and limiting factors of aging independence. This may include analyzing and developing systems or service models for the elderly. Ashford University’s degree program is available to its students online as well as a campus in Clinton, Iowa. Some students may qualify for financial aid through the federal government. 

Ashford University does not currently accept student in Arkansas, Kentucky, or Minnesota.

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Degree Category: Health & Medicine > Gerontology > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Gerontology Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's