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BA / Education and Public Policy

Gain critical thinking skills and applied knowledge with an online Bachelor of Arts  in Education and Public Policy degree obtained online. When studying education and teaching at Ashford University you’ll learn from top professors who are leaders in their field. A bachelor's in education, earned through a vibrant community and engaging curricula, is a well-rounded degree that can prepare you for a variety of education and teaching careers. Understand the theoretical and applied skills needed to succeed, and obtain these skills in an environment that is flexible and nurturing. Bachelor of Arts in Education and Public Policy can be learned at a pace that feels good for you, and even though you’re learning from the comfort of your own home, you’ll still be given the attention you require to succeed. Obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Public Policy from Ashford University and discover the exciting world of education and teaching for yourself.

Ashford University does not currently accept student in Arkansas, Kentucky, or Minnesota.

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