Ashford University

BA/Business Administration - No Concentration

With an online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree from Ashford University graduates will be well prepared to enter the world of business management through entry level positions. The degree program is designed to go beyond the basics in business administration for various types of companies, organizations and agencies. The program will focus on developing individual administrative and leadership skills as well as planning and daily management of companies and businesses.

The program of study will allow students to complete general courses in business management and administration such as business finance and accounting, human resource management, structure and change in business, marketing and sales, problem solving and critical thinking in business management. Students may select one area of focus to make the course highly applicable to their future goals.

Ashford University does not currently accept student in Arkansas, Kentucky, or Minnesota.

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Degree Category: Business > Business Administration > Bachelors
Degree Subject: Business Administration Degree
Degree Level: Bachelor's