Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the largest schools in the nation. Considered one of the top 150 schools in the U.S., ASU offers a wide range of degree programs and certifications for both traditional and non-traditional students. Through online programs at ASU, you can reap the benefits of a flexible learning environment, from a nationally recognized school.

Arizona State University has a proven online education system that allows students to attend classes remotely, keep an organized calendar of assignments and classes, and participate in real-time collaboration with fellow online students. Simply put, Arizona State University does more than offer classes online; they foster success with every online degree earned. Arizona State University takes advantage of exciting social networking applications, including class and location check-ins and use of Google’s Apps for Education mobile application.

Arizona State University offers a long list of undergraduate degree programs in fields such as Criminology, Communications, Family and Human Development, and Health Sciences. Several graduate programs are also available including degrees in American Media and Popular Culture, Engineering, and Construction Management. Take a look at the variety of degree programs, and decide if Arizona State University is right for you today!