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Master's (M. Ed.) - Instructional Design and Technology

When you earn a Master's (M. Ed.) - Instructional Design and Technology, it's all about learning the specific details of Educational Technology in order to become an expert in the field. Because Educational Technology can be such a complicated industry, it's important to take advantage of all educational channels that can help you rise above your competition and land a rewarding high-level career. Distance learning opportunities at American InterContinental University make it easy for non-traditional students to study Educational Technology. Those with occupational and familial commitments don't have to sacrifice while earning their Educational Technology. Understand the Educational Technology industry forwards and backwards with a prestigious Master's (M. Ed.) - Instructional Design and Technology designed to help you get ahead.

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Degree Category: Education & Teaching > Educational Technology > Masters
Degree Subject: Educational Technology Degree
Degree Level: Master's