American InterContinental University

Associate's (AABA) - Visual Communication

The Associate of Arts in Business Administration with a focus in Visual Communication is structured to prepare students who are interested in obtaining successful careers in graphic design. In this program curriculum, the general business skills and knowledge are combined with skills specific to the field of visual communications. In other words, students will learn how to convey the ideas of businesses and other entities through print work, web design, and other forms of media.

This associate's degree is a great way to transition into a bachelor-level degree in Visual Communication. This curriculum is career-focused and introduces basic applications of design principals and techniques for use in visual solutions to complicated problems. Students are taught problem-solving skills through the utilization of multimedia, and how to apply business and financial skills in the visual communication field. This degree prepares students to hold jobs as graphic design assistants, advertising specialists, community arts development associates, gallery assistants, and many more interesting careers.

Degree Category: Computers & IT > Multimedia Design > Associates
Degree Subject: Multimedia Design Degree
Degree Level: Associate's