American InterContinental University

Associate's (AABA) - Business Administration

The associate's degree Business Administration at American InterContinental University is designed to prepare students for careers in today's evolving business world. This program makes use of courses that provoke independent thought and the development of solid business skills. With a 90-credit curriculum, this degree program is perfect for all ages and levels of experience - from high school students entering college, to non-traditional students looking to propel themselves in the business world. 

A Business Administration degree is designed to teach you using the tools you'll come across in the professional realm. This is an accelerated program for students interested in possibly pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration that can put students on their way to roles as a business consultant, office manager, sales representative, and beyond. Inquire now!

Degree Category: Business > Business Administration > Associates
Degree Subject: Business Administration Degree
Degree Level: Associate's