Online Linguistics Degree

A Linguistics degree is the study of language and of speech. Various aspects of this are examined in a Linguistics degree online. The study of sounds made by the human language, as well as the basic sound patterns of language is studied. This is called phonetics. Syntax is the study of how these words are then combined to form sentences that are grammatically correct. Semantics shows students what words mean individually, and then how they are combined to form complete sentences. There are other aspects of the human language that are looked at in linguistics as well, such as the history of language and how it has evolved. In addition, students will look at different countries' languages and how they are both different and similar to the English language. Linguistics is also an excellent course for students who are interested in writing. Many of us take language for granted, but linguistics delves deep into the meaning behind the words we write and say. Learn more (at no obligation or cost to you) about Linguistics degrees, and how education can propel you into a career in:

  • Develop grammar checking functions for software
  • Work for natural language processing firms
  • Work on speech recognition and artificial intelligence
  • Develop academic curriculum
  • Work in product naming

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