Online Law Enforcement Degree

Law enforcement is the study of maintaining law and order in society. This is a core course that usually leads to a career in the police force, FBI, or other similar organization. It is important as a law enforcement official to not only know what the laws are, but know how to enforce them properly without infringing on others' rights. Some core principals in law enforcement include how to deal with a riot or crowd situation, how to make an arrest, a study of Miranda Rights, and how to follow the proper administrative procedures once a criminal has been apprehended. Law enforcement is a must in today's society, and those who choose this career path are to be commended for their bravery and efforts that ensure all of us are safe from crime. Other careers in law enforcement include fire marshals, who ensure that our buildings are safe and are following the proper fire codes. This is an exciting career path that offers many rewards and opportunities.

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