Online Social Sciences Degree

The legal system in the United States is constantly changing. There are so many laws on countless topics, making it can be overwhelming. State laws differ from one another. Knowing the difference between federal and state law is essential, as is understanding legal terminology. At least eight years of focused college studdy, and successful completion of the Bar Exam is required to become a lawyer. Many people who are interested in becoming a lawyer begin their classes online, so that they are able to maintain their already busy schedule. The basic courses can be learned in an online environment with ease.

Paralegals play an important role in the world of law. They assist lawyers with necessary paperwork for court cases, attend court hearings, schedule appointments with clients, and keep up with case files. A paralegal's course of study requires solid knowledge of basic law and is a great stepping stone for those who may want to work their way up in the legal field. In addition to lawyers and paralegals, there are additional careers in law fields such as forensics, criminal justice, law enforcement, crime investigations, private detective work, and theft prevention. 

Social sciences touch our world and how we relate to each other, as well as how we deal with ourselves. Social sciences is an examination of our humanity, our culture, and how we have evolved to shape the world we live in today. Major categories under social sciences include linguistics, history, communication, education, political science and law, and anthropology. The realm of social science investigates human aspects combined with scientific analysis and experimentation.

Whether through economics and the examination of how money has played a part in our world, or by studying history, social sciences is a dynamic and important field of study. Social science is an integral part of education. Enroll in online courses in social science to begin your journey today.