Online Economics Degree

Economics is a part of social science that looks at how people use, distribute, and consume various things through the obtaining of money. There are two main branches of economics: microeconomics, and macroeconomics. The micro side takes a close look at individuals and households, and how their money is earned and spent. This side of economics examines how we as every day people make and spend our money in our day to day lives, and it also looks at how the world as whole does so by utilizing various statistics. Macroeconomics looks at money on a much larger scale such as how the money filtered into the government is used, or how big corporations manage their profits. Both of these aspects combined are what make up the flow of money throughout the world. An Economics degree online will teach students all of these important principals. Plus graduates of an online Economics degree have the option of a wide variety of careers in business, finance, and research. 

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