Online Economic Crime Degree

An Economic Crime degree online takes a closer look at those crimes committed by both companies and individuals involving money. Some famous examples of economic crime are the Enron scandal and the Martha Stuart case. Crimes such as money laundering and insider stock tips are just some examples. Most economic crime involves several people who feel they can "scam" the system or company they are involved with in order to achieve some sort of financial gain. These crimes have become more widely recognized in recent years, and today the court system is finding harsher forms of punishment for the offenders. A Economic Crime degree online will cover not only the different types of crimes in relation to this subject, but how they affect regular people and companies, and our economy as a whole. You can pursue a degree in Economic Crime online, saving you time and allowing you to maintain your every day busy schedule, while learning how this aspect of law has an impact on our world and our society.

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