Online Criminology Degree

If you enjoy solving mysteries and hands-on work, then consider obtaining a criminology degree to become a cutting-edge criminologist. Criminologists are the skilled professionals that work to uncover the cause of crime. Employed in juvenile delinquent facilities, government agencies, police departments, and correctional facilities, these professionals serve the greater good of the community through their problem solving skills.

Criminology degree students will begin their curriculum with fundamental math, science, and social sciences courses, then advance to career-relevant courses in criminal litigation, criminal investigation, crime history, government studies, forensics, crime prevention, and law enforcement. Upon graduation, criminology students will be prepared to use scientific methods for solving crimes and understanding psychological behaviors of criminals.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of investigators and private detectives is expected to grow very fast through 2018. Forensic scientists and other science technicians are also expected to grow faster than average occupations in the same period as well.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in criminology, a Criminology degree online is a critical step. Lucky for you—we have a list of qualified and supportive degree programs, so you can start your path to your dream career in criminology today.

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