Online Court Reporting Degree

A court reporter, or stenographer, is responsible for recording everything that is said during a court hearing by using a stenography machine. The court reporter plays a very important role in our justice system, because they are in charge of making sure an accurate record of everything that is said is kept on file. Becoming a court reporter can require some serious training, because students must learn the skills of stenography - and that is where a Court Reporting degree online comes into play.

As a Court Reporting degree student, you will learn how to type and annotate very quickly. Intense practice is also done so that they are ready to actually perform the duties in court accurately. In addition, this qualifies them to administer oaths to witnesses in hearings. All of your coursework will be done through an online school "portal." Becoming a court reporter is a great way to begin your path in the legal system. It is a very dynamic, ever changing, and exciting career that allows you to witness our courts system firsthand. Search through our Court Reporting degrees online and inquire to obtain information at no cost or hassle to you.

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