Online Behavioral Science Degree

A Behavioral Science degree is the study of living things and how they interact with each other and adapt in the natural world. The examination of human and animal behavior is the main topic that is studied in this degree program. An example of what behavioral science's scope covers is the famous Pavlov's dog experiment, where an animal was trained to react to the sound of a bell over time due to repetitive actions.

This degree program will explore the wide scope of emotions and actions that all living things illustrate. Cognitive abilities and reactions as well as many different sides to psychology are also studied. The two basic categories within behavioral science are neural and social. The neural aspect examines how the brain reacts or acts to various situations, while the social aspect takes a look at how we as humans and animals act within a social setting among each other. Both sides are integral to us better understanding what makes all living things "tick." A Behavioral Science degree online will prepare you for roles in social science, counseling, psychology, and social work. If a Behavioral Science degree online sounds like something that would benefit your future, don't wait any longer and inquire today!

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