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Physics is considered to be one of the backbones of science. It is the study of matter, energy, space, and time, and how they all interact with one another. The realm of physics is very broad, and covers everything from black holes in outer space to the smallest atom. Physics explores our world and how it operates. The Greek word for physics literally means "nature" so it is the study of our natural world and why things are the way they are. There are many laws of physics. Famous scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton have created these laws, and students taking a course in physics will learn about the history of these laws, and how they still apply today. Within the broad scope of physics are many different subcategories such as optics (i.e. fiber optics), thermodynamics, mechanics, and acoustics, just to name a few. Students wanting to pursue a specialty field within one of these categories will need to have a strong background in physics.

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  • B.A. in Science (5-12, Physics)

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