Online Mathematics & Statistics Degree

Statistics is a form of mathematical science that analyzes data as well as interprets it for better understanding. In basic terms, statistics is a way to take a wide variety of or large amount of data and compile it accurately in order to then analyze a desired end result or question. The field of statistics is extremely useful in many different sectors including business, medicine, government, and industry, to name a few. A very strong knowledge of mathematics and formulas is essential to understanding how statistics works, and how to apply that knowledge in a real life situation. Basic principles such as sampling and various forms of data compilation (i.e. pie charts, graphs, and large databases) will be studied. Statistics is very helpful in compiling demographics and is even utilized in the sports world. It is an important field of study that has a great impact on how we see things and how we can make better sense of the things that we find on a large scale.

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