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It seems today that almost every vehicle has a GPS system in it of some kind. Before these modern marvels were invented, people used road atlases or maps to find where they needed to be. Before that, people followed animal tracks or looked up at the stars to help them navigate. GIS is the study of geographical information, and how it has developed and can further be developed for use. GIS is useful to many different organizations, particularly for development planning, environmental information, and travel. The course will discuss the history of GIS and how maps and their style have evolved over the centuries. In addition, cartography and topography will be discussed. How to read different styles of maps will also be observed. In a business sense of the word, a good knowledge of GIS is a plus for industrial developers as well as cell phone and PDA companies who are constantly looking to upgrade their GPS information for their customers. This is an exciting field perfect for anyone who has been interested in maps and their functions.

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