Online Environmental Science Degree

Environmental science focuses on our world, and the various elements that make up the environment, as well as how things such as pollution have had an impact. The goal of those involved in environmental science is to constantly come up with new ways to improve our air, water, and forests. The environment is so delicate that there are always new challenges presented that need to be addressed. The field of environmental science has existed for a long time, but it really made its mark and became a serious, separate category for scientists around the 1960s. Today, the need to protect our world is more desperate than ever. For students who are interested in environmental science, a good, solid background in biology, geology, and chemistry are needed to understand the reasons why things occur, and also to help find out how these disasters can be fixed. Many organizations use the help of environmental scientists to teach them how to be more "green" and more sensitive to our fragile world.

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