Online Biology Degree

Biology in its most basic term is the study of living things. But biology has much more to it than what it first appears. The study of various species, how they interact with each other and the environment around them, how they eat and survive, and their behaviors are covered. In addition, the classification of species is studied, as well as the varying characteristics of each. The study of procreation, birth, life, and death is examined. There are also many branches of biology, such as molecular biology, which is the study of cells and molecules, and how they operate and work together to create life. Anatomy is also a branch of biology, and this is the study of the body, its organs, and how it operates. Evolution, homeostasis (how living things adapt to change), DNA, marine biology, ecology, and many more subjects are also part of the biology realm. Since there are so many varying aspects of biology, it's a good idea to start with the basic topics and expand upon that later when you've decided which part of the wonderful world of biology you would like to focus on.

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