Online Gerontology Degree

A Gerontology degree online is the study of the aging process and how it affects the body, as well as a study of the elderly. Coursework in how age affects people both mentally and physically is part of the curriculum. In addition, courses in how our modern society affects the aging population and some of the problems they face is an important part of the study of gerontology. For most who choose this field of study, they will go on to careers treating and dealing with older adults. Nursing homes (or special care facilities for the aged) and intensive care units, as well as working with those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease are a few examples of possible career paths. Students pursuing a Gerontology degree online may already have a bachelor's degree in nursing, psychology, or sociology. A career in the field of gerontology takes a lot of patience, love, and caring for those who are aging and need assistance. 

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