Online Food & Nutrition Science Degree

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention cited that in 2010 more than 30 percent of American adults were obese. This startling statistic highlights a huge need for food and nutrition science professionals to educate and coach individuals back to health. In a food and nutrition science career, you will work one-on-one with clients to prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy dietary habits. Graduates in food and nutrition science can serve as clinical dietitians, community/organizational dietitians, or even consultant dietitians.

A college diploma is a must in this area of work. In fact, most states require practitioners to hold at least a bachelor's degree, plus pass state-required testing. Students pursuing a Food & Nutrition Science degree online can expect hands-on coursework in food science, institution management, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, and physiology. Students in this program will most likely take prerequisite courses in business, mathematics, and economics. High school students interested in becoming a dietitian or nutritionist should take courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, health, and communications.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that applicants with specialized training and an advanced degree should enjoy the best job opportunities. What are you waiting for? Learn more about schools that offer a Food and Nutrition science degree online today!

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