Online Dental Hygiene Degree

A Dental Hygiene degree online is the study of how to keep the mouth (teeth, tongue, and gums) clean. In most cases, a dental hygienist is either an assistant to a dentist or oral surgeon, or they may have their own private practice where they perform cleanings. The care of the teeth and gums is absolutely essential to overall health. In addition to performing teeth cleanings, dental hygienists also speak at schools where they teach children the proper way to brush their teeth and floss. Good dental hygiene can prevent a number of dental problems such as cavities, abscess teeth (resulting in root canals), and gingivitis, which is a disease of the gums. It is important that students realize the focus on good personal oral hygiene is equally important as getting care from a professional. Intense classroom learning combined with real life experience is a commonplace in a blended or online Dental Hygiene degree, as students will need to learn the "how" and "why" behind dental hygiene.

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