Online K-12 Education Degree

The years of study between kindergarten and our senior year in high school are crucial to our emotional and cognitive development. With an online degree in K-12 Education, you will learn about the fundamentals used to teach this broad range of students - all through a flexible, online learning format. The progams will likely cover English, science, history, social science, physical education, mathematics, and foreign language. Other electives that are included in most K-12 educational curriculum include visual arts, technical education, athletics, performing arts (theater, music, dance), and publishing. A basic K-12 Education degree online teaches students about the various methods used in teaching these different ages, as well as what ages are typically grouped into what grades. Coursework in private and public schooling may also be included. Teaching children within these ages can be an emotionally fulfilling and rewarding career. Search our network of Education degrees, and inquire to find the information to help make your college decision.

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