Online Educational Technology Degree

What is an Educational Technology degree online? The term "educational technology" refers to the various forms of modern technology used today to educate students. Today, technology and the Internet are important parts of shaping a students' learning experience. Vvarious other forms of technology and media are used to teach including interactive computer programs and CD-ROMS, high-tech slide shows, and DVD's, just to name a few. The different kinds of technology we have today can be very helpful for teachers looking to expand their curriculum and give students a more hands-on approach to learning. Since the World Wide Web has become such an important part of our lives, it's important that students know how to properly operate and use a computer as well as the Internet. In an Educational Technology degree online, students can see how to use this new technology in the classroom while still ensuring that students are learning effectively. All coursework and testing is done fully online so you don't have to sacrifice what matters most in your life.

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