Online Distance Education Degree

Distance learning is a term for learning coursework outside of an actual classroom environment. Distance learning can consist of classes taught via satellite, whether live or pre-recorded, through CD-ROM lessons, via the US postal service (mail), or over the internet. The history of distance education dates back to the early 1800s. The concept of distance learning was designed for students (usually older) who have jobs and cannot be on campus every time a class is scheduled. It is also ideal for working parents who would like to pursue their higher education. When pursuing a Distance Education degree online, you'll learn how this way of teaching can differ from that of a professor in a live classroom. There is a much more objective way of teaching when it comes to distance learning, since the professor or teacher is not getting any feedback from his or her students until after the class has been presented. Learning about the way distance learning works can help potential teachers see the differences in teaching methods. Compare programs in our large network of online schools now! There is no better time than now to pursue a Distance Education degree online. 

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