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A Computer Networking degree teaches you how to manage communication between several different computer systems. Over the last few decades, networking has become an essential part of many business plans, as just about every employee now works off of a computer. Computer networking allows more than one computer to communicate with another at one time. It also allows company staff to see and monitor what is happening with other computers. A career in computer networking can involve both the set up and maintenance of large servers and hardware. A Computer Networking degree online will cover the importance of and the operation of computer networks, and how they interact with each other and with computer systems. This field is quickly becoming very high in demand, so a Computer Networking degree is a great start to a fulfilling and interesting career. A background in communication theory and computer basics, as well as some programming knowledge is helpful, although not necessary. Knowledge of satellite, Ethernet, data link layers, and USB are just some of the things that will be covered in a computer networking class. If technology is your passion, make it a career. Start by obtaining a Computer Networking degree online now!

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