Online Computer Forensics Degree

Typically, crimes committed usually involve actual, physical activity such as robbery or murder. Over the last few decades, however, crimes involving Internet abuse have become more and more rampant. Things such as make money fast scams, identity theft, money laundering, and pornography are now classified as official crimes - and trained professionals are in need to protect innocent civilians from these crimes. A Computer Forensic degree online will take a close look at how to determine what kinds of crimes exist and how to find proof of these crimes by examining the perpetrator's computer hard drive and digital footprint. Some of the most common activities involved in Computer Forensics degree online include obtaining detailed information in the hard drive files, looking up history of "internet cookies," identifying and recovering possibly incriminating files, and creating detailed reports of findings. All of this is extremely valuable evidence so that the accused criminal can be convicted and prosecuted. If computers and criminal investigation is something you are interested in, look no further than our network of programs. Inquire to learn more about an online Computer Forensic degree now!

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