Online Marketing Degree

While many business owners and presidents believe their product or service can sell itself, a good marketing team is always needed to ensure a steady sales flow. An online Marketing degree is the study and practice of reaching the public in a way that will motivate them to purchase a particular product or service, and forges a relationship between the company and the customer. A Marketing degree teaches students how to communicate and advertise effectively to the general public, and how to identify with a target audience or group of consumers. Analytical skills are needed, because observations of successful marketing campaigns from the past will be looked at and compared to some that are used today, while creativity is as the backbone of this vocation.

Online Marketing degree students will demonstrate their marketing skills by taking what they've learned from their degree and creating their own marketing campaigns and ideas. Marketing combines analytical business sense with creativity, making it an exciting program to pursue - plus job opportunities for the marketing grad are vast. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, market research analysts can look forward to a job growth of 41 percent - much higher than most occupations. 

Graduates can enter into a jobs as a copywriter, advertising account executive, web content writer, marketing manager, or public relations specialist. Learn more about making your start into the exciting field of marketing now, and search through our list of programs. 

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