Online Manufacturing & Industrial Degree

Manufacturing is the process of taking raw, unfinished goods and turning them into something useable, such as turning plastic into furniture or taking corn and transforming it into fuel. In business, the manufacturing and industrial fields are arguably some of the most important of all, since they are the backbone of consumer goods and services. For those interested in this field, it's important to have formal education - like a Manufacturing and Industrial degree online - to learn how they operate and what makes them tick. In this program, students will take the following courses: business management, communication skills, supply/chain management, engineering fundamentals, manufacturing fundamentals, finance/accounting, and more. The industrial field usually comprises of finished goods, which are a byproduct of manufacturing. Manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar per year industry, with room for growth for qualified professionals. Knowing the process behind the scene can help you get a bigger picture of what business is all about. Inquire now.

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