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Bachelor's degrees are granted by universities as four-year degree programs, although earning a bachelor's can often take more than just four years. Modern technology makes earning a bachelors online possible, through online coursework. Some schools also require a thesis in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree, while others require a paper on laboratory research if the degree granted is within the fields of science. Those who do exceptionally well can enter into the honors or scholars programs, which offer up excelled learning in the classroom, where the courses are more challenging and the curriculum is more demanding.

The two main types of bachelor's degrees are: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS). These divisions follow the University of London's practice of dividing the two main types of education into arts and science. There are many other smaller divisions of either the BA or BS. Fields like liberal arts, theology, forestry, medicine, mathematics, engineering, religion, and many more majors are separated and given as titles for a specific bachelor's degree, also almost always available through a bachelors online. Usually by the end of his or her second year at a university, a student must choose a specific major of study. This is mainly because the curriculum requires students to complete certain courses in relation to that particular major, so it needs to be chosen in order to follow the correct scheduling towards completion.

Most colleges offer bachelor's degrees. Public universities offer bachelor degrees at lower costs than private colleges because public universities are financed by the U.S. government and by public funds. Students who are not residents of a public university, however, may have to pay more since they and their parents have not contributed to that particular state’s funding. Private universities also offer bachelor's degrees, but cost more to obtain because this type of college is privately owned and receives no funding from governmental institutions. Religious, online, and many specialized vocational schools also offer bachelor degrees to their students.

Many employers are looking for people with a minimum requirement of having earned a bachelor's degree. The degree gives employers a secure feeling in knowing they've hired someone who has earned a degree in the particular field that they do business in.

Earning a bachelor's degree takes dedication, maturity, and determination. Once you've earned it, it's something that will serve you well for the rest of your life.