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A Philosophy degree is a complex field of education that involves things like the metaphysical, religion, ethics (right and wrong), and logic, just to name a few. Philosophy has been studied and looked at since the days of the ancient Greeks. Aristotle is known as one of the most famous of all philosophers. In the study of philosophy, a wide variety of subjects are covered such as the existence of God, what the best way to live should be, why we are all here, and a myriad of other intellectual thoughts. When you choose philosophy, you will encounter a lot of deep discussions, and may get involved in some debates. The class not only covers the philosophical teachings and beliefs of many nations, but also allows for open discussion so students can pose their own theories and beliefs. Philosophy is a wonderful way to learn how to communicate effectively and become a better thinker. Their primary goals are to educate, to help students develop their critical faculties, and to broaden their intellectual horizons. If this is true for Liberal Arts degree majors, it is even truer for philosophy majors, who spend much of their time improving their analytic and writings skills, as cited by the University of Maryland.


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