Online Liberal Arts Degree

A Liberal Arts degree refers to a comprehensive and vast knowledge of many different subjects, and an aptitude for exhibiting basic intellectual skills. In times past, liberal arts were more closely related to a specific study of the classics, while today the term goes hand in hand with a broader range of subjects like the humanities. Some things that are included under liberal arts include women's studies, philosophy, grammar, geometry, and music, just to name a few. A Liberal Arts degree online typically does not include vocational courses such as career or business-related classes. Instead, liberal arts are more closely related to basic general educational subjects, and those related to art, music, and literature. It is a fairly even combination of the arts and sciences. While each university has its own ideas about what liberal arts are, and the courses and curriculum can change over time, the liberal arts are an important facet of learning at any institution. Inquire about this all-encompassing program now, at no cost or hassle.

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