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The humanities are a group of subjects that typically involve studying various aspects of the human condition. Most of these include things like philosophy, art, music, literature, and languages. In addition, things like history, archaeology, and cultural studies are included under the umbrella of the humanities as well. When considering the humanities, the most important civilizations are typically looked at. These include the Chinese, the Romans, Ancient Greece, and India. Of course, legends such as Shakespeare are also included in humanities, as well as modern and postmodern aspects. Humanities includes the study of poetry, prose, plays, classic novels, painters and painting, classical and modern music, and others. It is an interesting look into the human psyche, real life experiences, and how those experiences have turned into what modern man considers to be masterpieces. A course in the humanities can broaden your horizons and show you the reasons why the greats have created such wondrous works for all to enjoy.

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