Online Geography Degree

Are you a natural-born problem solver with a love of geography? If so, a career in geography, available through a Geography degree online, may be your career calling. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that "geography involves more than memorizing states and capitals. It is a unique way of looking at the world and solving problems. And for some people, it provides a way to earn a living."

Because of the modern-day advances in technology, there will be new job opportunities in geography. Job opportunities can range from urban planners and geographic surveyors, to mapping and GIS specialists. Geography degree students will take courses that will augment their critical thinking skills, as well as courses that will provide in-field traning. Students can expect to take general education requirements in social science, math, English, and science, the as they advance to upper-division courses classes in statistics, geometry, matrix algebra, physical geography, and world geography.

If a career paths in geography sound like the perfect fit for you, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect online Geography degree with one of our credentialed list of online schools today!


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