Online Film & Theater Degree

A Film and Theater degree online involves the study of acting and entertainment. With a degree in Film, you will learn about the history of film and filmmaking. You will also learn about famous actors, actresses and filmmakers of the last century, as well as techniques to making a good film. Learning how to operate a camera and various video equipment will be in your future as well. In theater, you will team up with your classmates to learn and in most cases, perform various plays. You'll read about the famous playwrights of our time and those from the past, and study up on some of the world's most well known plays. You will use this knowledge to implement it into your own personal acting abilities, and acting techniques will be covered. Everything from memorizing lines to costume design should be touched on. The study of film and theater is an important element in the arts and humanities program. Inquire about a Film and Theater degree online now if this program seems to fit your mold.

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