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Classical studies involves learning about the philosophy, language, and culture of various regions of the ancient world. With a Classical Studies degree online, you will learn about the culture, art, and literature of the Greek and Roman times. This time period was known as the "classical antiquity." Many feel that this time in history is one of the most important of all, and its study should not be overlooked. If you choose a course in classical studies, you will learn about Greek mythology, the rule of the Roman Empire, and how these two societies ruled much of the world. You will also learn real life applications and how these important civilizations affect our world today. Many feel that an education without the study of Greek literature is incomplete. The implementation of classical studies in your degree regimen will help you to gain a well rounded knowledge of mankind and the profound impact that both the ancient Greeks and the Romans had on the entire world. Undergraduates in this program may go on to obtain a master's degree in History or related areas.

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