Online Animation Degree

An Animation degree online involves learning about the basics of drawing, use of color implementation and color schemes, and practical animation applications - all through interactive, online coursework. Learning animation is a fun and exciting choice in the world of online learning. You can learn everything from graphic and digital animation, claymation and stop motion, to actual pen and ink drawing animation. Studying how motion is applied to sketches and 3D images and objects is an important part of the animation process. You could become an illustrator or an animator for a television show or even the movies. You'll also learn about the business side of animation. Animation is a really exciting part of the arts and humanities school of learning. By studying both the past and the latest critical techniques involved in animation, you have the potential to take your natural talents and combine them with your newfound skills to become an important part of the animation community. Compare Animation degree online programs in our network now!

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