Study On Your Smartphone: Free Applications for Your iPhone and Blackberry


1. Google Maps App

Do you spend most of your time getting lost? Now, you can be sure to find your way home 24/7. If your Blackberry has GPS capabilities, the Google Maps application finds your location within seconds. 

2. Google Calendar Mobile

You've got exams this week, Christmas shopping, AND have to take the girlfriend out. What are you going to do to keep yourself organized? Logging into your Google Calendar will do the trick! Organize your week in advance and watch your multi-tasking abilities take off. Login from your home computer to make large planning updates quickly and easy.

3. Gridmagic

The GridMagic Community Edition is a free spreadsheet application sure to wet the appetites of any accounting major. Whether you're crunching on numbers or on that last piece of pizza, you'll have access to your spreadsheet data wherever you go. The software even syncs with your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, so you can do your homework as you are walking to class (which we don't recommend).

4. Rove Mobile File Manager

More and more students are learning about the joys of moving files across the web. Whether it's a PowerPoint presentation you've got to give in front of the class or those pics you can't wait to share, you need to have full control in moving files around whenever you can. Luckily the fine programmers at Rove cooked up a FTP application for your Blackberry to move them with ease.

5. Wordsmith provides you with an awesome tool to help you study, take tests, or look really smart next time that really cute brunette is working at the coffee shop. Simply send an email to the following address: Make sure to put "define" and the word that you need a definition for as the email subject, and you'll get the definition mailed back to you within a few minutes.

6. MobiPocket Reader

The sun is shining bright as you walk out of your last class on the day. All you want to do is sit under that big green tree and read a book. The problem is, you left it back at the dorm and you don't feel like walking all the way back to get it. Don't fret, you just remembered your MobiPocket Reader! The software gives you over the air access to more than 65,000 books for you to enjoy.

7. Opera Mini

Want to add a little to your mobile web surfing experience? The Opera Mini takes your favorite website and makes it accessible in the mobile format, so you can load those notes you published last week during an exam. If you currently use Opera on your computer, the mini version can synch up together to keep all your favorite bookmarks in the palm of your hand.

8. Beyond 411 Local Search

There's the traditional, million-page phone book that doubles as a booster seat for your little cousin or you can use Beyond411 Local Search - which do you use? The search application for your Blackberry will save you the trouble of toiling through the yellow pages, giving you driving directions and business listings from your exact location. Beyond 411 also integrates with your current address book and offers news, Yahoo! Search, and more.

9. JabpLite

Living the college lifestyle isn't cheap; there's still a plethora of things that need to be purchased. Luckily for your wallet there's the JabpLite personal finance calendar for your Blackberry. The tool can handle your everyday accounting, track your investments, and even provide you with currency conversion information for trips abroad.

10. Viggio RSS Reader

One tool that students are not taking advantage of is RSS (Real Simple Syndication), the best technology for keeping up on news, blogs, and other information related to your major and your career. Viggio has a great RSS reader for your Blackberry so you can stay informed while on the move. Look for the RSS icon or link on your favorite web page, and whenever the page is updated with new information, you'll receive a notification in your reader.

11. Facebook

You love Facebook, but in front of your best buds you act like it's no big deal, only logging in to update your "status". If you have a true crackberry addiction, you'll download the mobile Facebook application to stalk people and receive FunWall notifications without having to run to the nearest computer.

12. RIM Mario

If you're burned out from using all the applications we've discussed, chances are you've already thrown your BlackBerry across the room and your friends are worried. Take a break from all that information overload and chill out with some classic Super Mario Brothers action right on your handset.


13. iUnlock

The iPhone has a wonderful interface, a mobile browser that beats any other, and ample storage. So what's holding it back? That would be the "locked" nature of the software, which forces us to only use certain types of software for the thing. Luckily the rebellion has started and you can use the iUnlock software to take full control of your iPhone.

14. TIP Dictionary

Whenever in a social setting, it's always important to look as smart as you possibly can to influence and intimidate others. Never fear, for with the TIP dictionary, your butt can be saved time and time again. The dictionary's unique feature let's you look up words and their meanings as you impress your peers.

15. ClearCheckBook

Want to control your financial destiny via your smart phone - you can with ClearCheckbook Mobile. The online financial planner lets you view balances, manage transactions, view your spending reports, etc. from either your computer or your iPhone. And with all the money you'll be saving from using these free applications, they'll be plenty left over.

16. iChat

With your iPhone, you have all the power of communication that the world has to offer at your fingertips. You can call, send a text message, craft an email message, send a MySpace comment or post something on Facebook. Still need another way to get in touch? With iChat, you can also send them an instant message.

17. iFlipr

No, it's not a way to flip someone the bird via your iPhone. Instead, iFlipr is much more useful as it uses HTML, Flickr images, Quicktime, and video in a slideshow-style manner that you can use to create digital flash cards for your phone. Throw away those markers and whip out your iPhone for a fast and efficient way to study those pesky foreign languages.

18. YouTube

YouTube has optimized a version of their fantastic video sharing site that you can use on your iPhone, turning any ordinary convenience store waiting period into pure entertainment!

19. Sudoku

With all these wonderful applications we've listed, you're now primed to live a more productive lifestyle, all thanks to the help of your wonderful iPhone (you do have a special name for it, right?) With all this extra free time, what do you do now? Put your mind cap on and let the game of Sudoku keep you occupied for awhile (or, until you go blind from your iPhone addiction!)

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