What Should I Expect from Online Professors?

Online learning may seem a little impersonal at times, and you may feel like you don't have easy access to people like your professor and fellow classmates. Thanks to technology, you can easily get in touch with your professor through various methods.

  • Email is the most obvious of formats in which students can ask their professor questions. Since most tests and papers are submitted to professors via email as attachments, your professor will most likely go over the submission and then reply with his or her feedback and a grade. At that point you can respond any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Forums and bulletin boards are another effective way of speaking to fellow classmates and professors. These electronic forums allow an open area of discussion so everyone can communicate, "at the same time." Important subjects that many people may have questions to can be brought up, and ideas can be laid out publically to create open dialogue. Another worry many online students have is the level of difficulty the classes will hold.
  • Some professors may give out their phone number for students to contact them during office hours. This could be another way to reach your online professor if all other avenues have failed.

Other Communication Tips

Online professors often have virtual office hours in which they connect with students during a set time weekly (or bi-weekly). During this time, they make themselves completely available to answering questions their students may have. During this time you can also connect with fellow students to get additional help for your coursework.

Because the experience of not actually being in the classroom can be daunting, some students feel distance learning classes may be harder than traditional setting classes. As long as you have self-discipline and can study effectively, you can succeed - and eventually make your way into a successful and rewarding career.

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