Distance Learning for Those in the Armed Forces

For those serving in the military, a college education may seem like an unreachable goal. However, many people serving in our armed forces are able to serve their country and receive a quality education at the same time.

Time Commitment

While in the military, your first obligation is to your country, so any college classes you'll take can be during off-duty times, on weekends, or evenings. The upside is that this can help you earn college credit while in the military, making it easier for you to excel in the workforce when you get out. Luckily, many online colleges accommodate the schedules of individuals in active duty. 

Understanding Your Options

If you find that the base where you are stationed does not offer on-site college courses, do not fear. U.S. armed forces have partnerships with online colleges to offer online courses to service men and women. Most larger online colleges and universities have college representatives that specialize in armed forces college students, and will be able to be a great resource on anything from credit transfer to credit load.

Positioning Your Future

Once you complete your service, you will be thrown into the working world to make a living for yourself. Though you will learn many soft skills in the armed forces, a college degree will take you one step further to position your future for success. Studies show that people who earn a college degree have a better opportunity for career advancement, promotions, and income potential. 

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