Funding Your College Education While Serving in the Military

Those in the armed forces may have limited financial resources or time, particularly in their first few years of service. The idea of attending college may seem to many like an unattainable goal as a person enlisted in the armed forces. Know this - It is possible with the help of various avenues of financial aid. There are a great deal of resources available, you just have to know where to find them. The Army is one of a few branches of the military that offers a free laptop computer to any soldier enrolled in online learning programs.

The United States Military also offers tuition assistance. The Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program offers up to $4,500 each year to those in active duty. The fact that someone is serving our country in the military and has the desire to obtain a college education is impressive, and a deciding factor in why private and public universities offer discounts for those in the military. Check with your local college and ask about military tuition rates. The savings can be very significant for most people looking to take classes. These financial incentives make obtaining a degree while in the military a reality for soldiers

Taking exams and tests is an integral part of college life, and can be very time consuming. Some branches of the military offer enlistees leave time to study and to take their tests, and this has turned into an incentive program for those in the military to obtain higher ranks. This can be a very competitive process, and the requirements are stringent.

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