Will Credits Transfer to an Online School?

Obtaining a college degree is a big time commitment. On the average, it can take anywhere from four to six years to obtain a bachelor's degree. In a world where our lives change at the drop of a hat, it's not a suprise that college students transfer colleges at least once before they graduate. While one might think they can simply make this transition without any discrepancy or problems, it's important to be sure that your college credits are transferrable.

Look for Accreditation

Before you enroll in distance learning, be sure the school you attend is accredited. This way, your credits should be able to transfer smoothly to the new college. In addition, thorough research should be done when looking into the college you want to attend to be sure that they do accept online learning courses and that they will give you full credit. Every school and every major is different, so do your homework and ask plenty of questions before transferring, or you may end up losing valuable credits and be forced to take some classes all over again.

Credit Transfer Limitations

Another important factor when transfering credits is to note that a lot of universities limit the amount of transfer credits you can enter with. Even if you did not get your previous credits through an online college, a school may limit the number of transferred credits allowed per enrollment period, so be sure you know what the limits are at your school of choice.

Other schools have a statute of limitations, meaning that if you do not enroll within a certain amount of time, you will lose all opportunity to transfer credits. Some schools on the other hand, have no limitations or requirements, so overall, your mileage may vary. Just be certain you know what you can and cannot transfer over, and then you'll have a clearer picture of how fruitful your distance learning will be when you're ready to move onto college life.

Many online colleges have dedicated representatives or registrars to help with any questions you might have about the credit transfer process. Learn more about online colleges here.

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